iPhone Screen Replacement – Your Questions Answered

Given the popularity of our iPhone screen replacement service, we’ve compiled a quick guide that contains everything you need to know about getting your screen repaired with us.

Which iPhone Screen Replacements do we offer?

We are able to replace broken or non-functioning screens on the following iPhones:


  1. iPhone 5, 6, 7 and 8 series
  2. iPhone SE (1st and 2nd Generation)
  3. iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR
  4. iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
  5. iPhone 12 series.

My screen is blank, has lines, inky spots or other issues! Can these be repaired?

Absolutely! As part of the iPhone screen replacement process, we’ll replace not just your broken front glass, but the entire iPhone screen assembly. So if you have problems with a broken display panel (or “LCD panel”), these will be fixed as the entire assembly will be replaced.


Will the quality of your replacement part be the same quality as my old screen?

We guarantee you’ll be delighted with your iPhone screen replacement, with colors reproduction and brightness that will match your original screen. For devices that use superior OLED display panels, we’ll always replace your screen with a new screen that uses the same OLED technology. We have been offering iPhone screen replacements for over five years, and completed thousands of repairs. During that time we’ve been able to build relationships with the very best suppliers in the business, which means you get access to the very best quality parts for the lowest possible prices.


Is my iPhone Screen Replacement guaranteed?

We offer 90 days warranty, This covers both parts and labor, So in the unlikely event you have a problem with your screen after our replacement,  We will fix it. This warranty will not cover Crack/Physical damage to the screen after delivery, Any other problem with the screen we’ve got you covered!

How long does it take to replace my iPhone screen?

iPhone screen replacements usually take between 30-40 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Our screen replacement services vary based on the model of device you need repaired. For some iPhone screen replacements, we’ll quote you two different prices depending on the screen you chose, We usually have to options for you , The original refurbished screen (OEM)  or the cheaper version aftermarket (AM). We will have more information for you regarding this soon.