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iPhone Repair

    • Given the popularity of our iPhone screen replacement service, we’ve compiled a quick guide that contains everything you need to know about getting your screen repaired with us.
    • We are able to replace broken or non-functioning screens on the following iPhones:

iPhone Screen Repair

Same Day Repair

If your iPhone has been dropped and the glass has broken, we can repair it.
Sometimes more than just the top layer of glass on the screen gets damaged, and the display panel under the glass shows lines, inky marks, or perhaps is totally black. Worry not – all of these can be repaired.

iPhone Battery Replacement

If you are looking to get a replacement battery for your iPhone, it’s probably because you’ve noticed that you’re no longer able to get to the end of the day without a quick recharge.

You may have also noticed that your iPhone slows down, or in some cases, randomly switches off.

If you head to the battery settings on your iPhone you can actually check your battery health – anything lower than 80% means that it’s time for a battery replacement.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

If your phone is immersed in water or other liquid, it’s very important that you act as quickly as possible. 

Switch your device off if possible and book a repair immediately. 

Water damage is best repaired within 48 hours of the incident.

A successful water damage repair is not guaranteed.

A repair like this is usually done just for data recovery.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

In 2017, Apple released the iPhone 8, its first phone with a glass rear cover, offering a superior look and feel to previous metal iPhones. Unfortunately the rear glass is prone to break if the iPhone is dropped, which looks unsightly and may also be uncomfortable when handling the iPhone, Not to mention potentially dangerous.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement

If your phone is no longer charging when you connect it to your charge cable, then you may need a replacement charging port. Before booking a charging port replacement, we suggest testing that your phone no longer charges with a different cable and wall adapter to eliminate this as the issue.


iPhone Audio Issues

Having trouble hearing the other person on phone calls? Or are they having trouble hearing you? Is your speaker phone not working as it should? We can fix all of these issues for you.


iPhone Camera Replacement

If either your front camera or rear camera is not working correctly or there is something wrong with the pictures your iPhone is taking, for example focusing problems, or blurry images, then you probably need a camera replacement. If you have dropped your phone and the rear camera lens on the phone has broken, we can replace that too. For lens replacements there is typically no need to replace the actual camera – just the lens.

iPhone Button Issues

Have a stuck or non-working button or your iPhone? Is your mute switch no longer operative? We can fix all of these issues.